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{ "index": "cycling_products", "index_core": "products", "type": "product", "type_core": "product", "shop_id": "", "item_url": "", "item_family": "cycling_misc", "item_type": "item_misc", "item_group": "misc_group", "item_subgroup_typename": "item_misc_group", "item_subtype_typename": "item_misc_type", "collapse_name": "Smiley Square", "collapse_id": "abus_smiley-square", "same_item_id": "abus_smiley-square__item_misc", "crawl_time": "2020-01-08 14:41:45", "record_timestamp": 1578494505, "item_title": "Abus Smiley Pink Square", "product_link_title": "Smiley Pink Square", "item_price": 379.95, "currency_code": "dkk", "item_price_eur": 50.8450760769181, "prices_count": 1, "shops_count": 1, "product_price_state": 8, "country_code": "dk", "language_code": "da", "language_code_used": "da", "primary_color": "pink", "description_html": "data-readless-txt", "description_text": "data-readless-txt", "classification_text": "cykelhjelme, børnecykelhjelme, cykelhjelme til børn,", "breadcrumbs": "<UL><LI> Du er her: </LI> <LI> Forside > </LI> <LI> <STRONG>Abus Smiley Pink Square</STRONG> </LI>", "breadcrumbs_text": "Du er her: Forside > Abus Smiley Pink Square", "item_image_url": "", "product_image_urls": [ "products/dd/ea/ddeae0f085bbd95a0553d414b26b3cc519335d79/ddeae0f085bbd95a0553d414b26b3cc519335d79-abus-smiley-pink_square.jpg" ], "item_invalid": "Ikke på lager", "invalid": "y", "data_sha256": "f84a6d1084b437d0f59e7caf869c284cfa3d8f7ff4f79c9d6dbc8f8421666c38", "brand_id": "abus", "brand_name": "abus", "sex": "f", "product_type": "misc", "ebike": "n", "electronic_gear": "n", "kidsproduct": "n", "id": "", "savings_in_int_pct": 0, "bike_type": "", "ce_certificate": "", "clothes_type": "", "component_type": "", "frame_material": "", "materials": "", "fork_material": "", "groupset_brand_name": "", "front_groupset_brand_name": "", "front_groupset_name": "", "groupset_name": "", "groupset_id": "", "wheel_size": "", "nutrition_taste_type": "", "detect_as_bike_fields_count": 0, "item_subgroup": "", "item_subtype": "" }