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{ "index": "cycling_products", "index_core": "products", "type": "product", "type_core": "product", "shop_id": "", "item_url": "", "item_family": "cycling_misc", "item_type": "item_misc", "item_group": "misc_group", "item_subgroup_typename": "item_misc_group", "item_subtype_typename": "item_misc_type", "collapse_name": "Hængslet klemme", "collapse_id": "dmr_hængslet-klemme", "same_item_id": "dmr_hængslet-klemme__item_misc", "crawl_time": "2019-06-16 20:21:13", "record_timestamp": 1560716473, "item_title": "DMR Hængslet klemme", "product_link_title": "Hængslet klemme", "item_price": 28.67, "currency_code": "dkk", "item_price_eur": 3.8396635774359793, "language_code": "da", "language_code_used": "da", "colors": "Polished Alloy", "description_html": "DMR hængslet klemme", "description_text": "DMR hængslet klemme", "classification_text": "Incorrect or missing product information? Let us know Please select the issue What's the issue? Inaccurate information Missing information Poor translation Other Comments (optional) Please don't enter personal info. For questions visitCustomer Services Submit Your feedback has been received! Thank you for helping us improve our site. DMR hængslet klemme Beskrivelse Se mere her Ekstra indhold tilgængeligt på engelsk Vis alt engelsk indhold Engelsk indhold", "item_image_url": "", "product_image_urls": [ "products/75/15/7515d84998501696fab3ba4276014e85532ff52a/7515d84998501696fab3ba4276014e85532ff52a-dmr-hinged-clamp-med.jpg" ], "classify_weights_html": "<pre>{\n \"scores\": {\n \"frame_material\": [],\n \"fork_material\": [],\n \"groupset_brand_name\": [],\n \"front_groupset_brand_name\": [],\n \"front_groupset_name\": [],\n \"groupset_name\": [],\n \"wheel_size\": [],\n \"ce_certificate\": [],\n \"sex\": {\n \"f\": 60\n },\n \"ebike\": [],\n \"kidsproduct\": [],\n \"primary_color\": [],\n \"nutrition_taste_type\": [],\n \"invalid\": {\n \"y\": 40\n },\n \"item_type\": [],\n \"brand_name\": {\n \"dmr\": 108\n }\n },\n \"full_info\": {\n \"frame_material\": {\n \"item_title\": \"\",\n \"description_text\": \"\"\n },\n \"groupset_name\": {\n \"item_title\": \"\",\n \"description_text\": \"\"\n },\n \"wheel_size\": {\n \"item_title_wheel_size\": \"\"\n },\n \"ce_certificate\": {\n \"item_title\": \"\",\n \"description_text\": \"\",\n \"classification_text\": \"\"\n },\n \"sex\": {\n \"item_title\": \"\",\n \"description_text\": \"\",\n \"classification_text\": \"her (f:60)\"\n },\n \"ebike\": {\n \"item_title\": \"\",\n \"description_text\": \"\",\n \"classification_text\": \"\"\n },\n \"kidsproduct\": {\n \"item_title\": \"\",\n \"description_text\": \"\",\n \"classification_text\": \"\"\n },\n \"primary_color\": {\n \"colors\": \"\",\n \"item_title\": \"\",\n \"description_text\": \"\"\n },\n \"nutrition_taste_type\": {\n \"item_title\": \"\"\n },\n \"invalid\": {\n \"item_invalid\": \"not in stock (y:40)\"\n },\n \"item_type\": {\n \"item_title\": \"\",\n \"description_text\": \"\"\n },\n \"brand_name\": {\n \"item_title\": \"dmr (dmr:100)\",\n \"description_text\": \"dmr (dmr:8)\"\n }\n },\n \"detection_failed\": [\n \"frame_material\",\n \"fork_material\",\n \"groupset_brand_name\",\n \"front_groupset_brand_name\",\n \"front_groupset_name\",\n \"groupset_name\",\n \"wheel_size\",\n \"ce_certificate\",\n \"ebike\",\n \"kidsproduct\",\n \"primary_color\",\n \"nutrition_taste_type\",\n \"item_type\"\n ]\n}</pre>", "item_invalid": "not in stock", "invalid": "y", "data_sha256": "5de1322ef73cdd933e163914ecdb015490f8d4f73286827a18e54a81b242586d", "brand_id": "dmr", "brand_name": "dmr", "sex": "f", "ce_certificate": "n", "product_type": "misc", "ebike": "n", "electronic_gear": "n", "kidsproduct": "n", "id": "", "prices_count": 1, "shops_count": 1, "savings_in_int_pct": 0, "product_price_state": 8, "breadcrumbs_text": "", "bike_type": "", "clothes_type": "", "component_type": "", "frame_material": "", "fork_material": "", "groupset_brand_name": "", "front_groupset_brand_name": "", "front_groupset_name": "", "groupset_name": "", "groupset_id": "", "wheel_size": "", "primary_color": "", "nutrition_taste_type": "", "detect_as_bike_fields_count": 0, "item_subgroup": "", "item_subtype": "" }