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{ "index": "cycling_localized__en", "index_core": "localized", "type": "landingpage", "type_core": "landingpage", "id": "_front_", "landingpage_id": "_front_", "lp_dir_0": "_front_", "language_code": "en", "canonical_url": "_front_", "product_search_textfield": "gripgrab_hurricane__gloves_clothes\nspecialized_crux-elite__cross_bike\ngarmin_edge-530__cycle_computers_component\ngiant_tcx-slr-1__cross_bike\ngiro_synthe-mips__helmets_clothes\ngarmin_vector-3__powermeter_component", "country_codes": [ { "name": "gb" } ], "page_title_text": " | Your global bike and cycling search engine", "meta_description_text": "Compare millions of cycling products and great deals. Get guidance and the cheapest prices. Save time and money on your bike search.", "page_text_html": "<p></p><h2> your global bike search engine</h2><p> is a bike search engine, which solves your challenge, when you are looking for new bike or bike equipment. guides you and compares bikes and equipment for you. With few click you can find the equipment that you are searching for.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p></p><p> has anything within bikes, cycle clothing and cycle equipment. We have more than +1.000.000 different cycle products and equipment in our giant database.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p><b>Find cheap cycle equipment with </b><br>When you have found the right bike, cycle clothing and cycle equipment, you will be able to see all the online stores who have the concerned item in stock. is a bike search engine that has a very big price comparison basis. Prices shown are all from bike shops. gives the user possibility to decide which offer matches the best. But the order is made on the specific webshop, which you choose.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>You can also see a list of which shops near you has the specific brand you are looking for. Perhaps you need some service on your bike or a good advice? shows you the bikeshop closest to your current location.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p><b>Search among more than +100 bike shops and bike webshops<br></b>In current time are searching among more than 100 webshops and bike shops. Therefore you will get a wide selection of bikes and bike equipment.&nbsp; If your webshop is missing on, you are more than welcome to <a href=\"\">contact us</a>.</p>", "sitemap_priority": 1, "sitemap_change_frequency": "hourly", "record_timestamp": 1570456162, "lp_dir_1": "", "lp_dir_2": "", "lp_dir_3": "" }